Discovering Me

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on July 7, 2016

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Tim Hall, Chaplain of St David’s College, Llandudno

“Discovering Me” is a beautifully written book by a mum and a teacher who is able to express so vividly her own discovery about the truth about God and the truth about herself. It is a master class in teaching young people about Biblical Truth. The book contains some of the best explanations of complex Christian doctrine that I have come across. In an age when Biblical Truth and Christian doctrine are so rarely taught, this is a must read, whether it be by a parent to a 6 year old child, or by a teenager. The simplicity of the examples that give explanation and understanding to difficult ideas for a young person, are brilliantly chosen and written. Given the brevity of the book, it is remarkable that the writer is able to cover such a comprehensive overview of the essentials of Christian teaching. The real art form, however, is that the read is compelling and the creative activities fun, so that the reader or listener is gaining such self affirmation and grounded teaching, without them even realising. It is heavy but light, deep but real, general but personal; it is skilfully and wonderfully balanced.”

Mr A R Bignell

I haven’t given this book to my kids yet purely because I have absolutely loved reading it myself. Every little chapter reveals the love of God and the goodness of our humanity. I believe children will feel excited about the relationship with the Trinity that this book communicates. There is no hint of behaviour managment that other children focus books offer and leave them feeling fearful of God. This book will show children how safe, encouraging, present and loving God is and how much he wants to participate in their lives. “Discovering Me” really is the ideal title of this book! It isnt complicated but it also isnt patronising. I have 3 children (8yrs, 10yrs and 13yrs old) and I can’t wait to see their response to this book. I hope they will write their own review shortly!

Thank you for a book that I trust with my children.


What we loved about this book in our household – my daughter is 7 – is the personal angle the author takes in introducing a God of relationship. Children often have a hard time conceptualizing God but this interactive 30 day journey reveals a God who is not punishing or ‘out to get us,’ but rather a kind and loving God who seeks relationship. The author shares her own relationship journey with God, which makes this book accessible and engaging. The interactive exercises are fun too.


This is a fantastic book, so full of the truths you’d want your older primary age child up to early teens to, really, get a hold of. It’s, so, easy to engage and interact with, as well. Truths about who they are, why they were created and what Papa truly believes about them. It will change a child’s perception to who they, truly, are. We’ve bought five copies so far, for our children and for friend’s children. Everyone loves it! Well done Rachel, first class!






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